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Climbing Mulanje

We stopped our northerly trek and went down south a bit so we could climb Mount Mulanje. We stayed at Likhubula Forest Lodge and spent our first day on the bikes. We thought we’d do a lap of the mountain, but didn’t realise that this meant 120km! Although it got pretty hot in the second [...]

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Our second set of African school fees

We had a bit of admin that we needed to do so decided the next stop would be the city of Lilongwe, but not before we paid our next set of African school fees. In Chipata, just before the Zambia/Malawi border the supermarket carpark was filled with money changers. I’d specially looked up the rate [...]

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South Luangwa

Our arrival at South Luangwa made the fine a distant memory. We got a campsite at Wildlife Camp right on the river and got there in time to see the most amazing sunset. There were a few overlander groups there so we got to meet some new people and spend the evenings having drinks with [...]

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Zambia and our first set of African school fees

After forking out too many dollars for a few too many days around Vic Falls, we decided to get off the tourist route for a bit. James has family in Lusaka who we went to stay with. In Lusaka we went to see Lilayi elephant orphanage. They are raising baby elephants that have been orphaned [...]

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Zambian Politicians and Zimbabwean Entrepreneurs

We learnt many lessons crossing the Kazangula border the next morning. For anyone crossing this border: Keep some Pula on you - you’ll pay about 4 times as much for the ferry if you only have dollars on you. As a passenger, stay close to your car – I ended up staying in Botswana watching [...]

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Day 1…Car problems?

After months of planning, we were finally off. We’d hung around an extra few days to sort out some car admin, but were now confident that car problems would be less of an issue on our trip. We’d replaced anything that was possibly on its way to giving us problems and Cruise Africa had insisted [...]

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Meet Huberta

With our limited mechanical skills, we had absolutely no idea what car we needed. From a bit of reading, we learnt that in the world of overlanding, there are only two types of people - Land Rover people and Land Cruiser people. And they’ll both give you a list of reasons why their car of [...]

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How did we get here?

We decided in March 2016, in the middle of Lesotho (altitude must’ve been getting to our heads), to drive from Johannesburg to the Tour de France. We have absolutely no overlanding, mechanical or 4×4 experience and very limited camping experience. So it’s been a massive learning experience preparing and I’m sure we’ve still got plenty [...]

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Keep safe out there!

Safety is key when touring Africa. Help can be far away and medical attention can be even further. Small decisions can have cumulative affects and keeping calm and level headed will make all the difference. I remember taking three Argentinean friends on a hastily planned trip to Gonerezhou national park in South Easten Zimbabwe. I [...]

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