Lessons learnt in Egypt

Aug 13th, 2017|Categories: Uncategorised|

 There are two kinds of Egyptians: Those on the beaten tourist track who will do everything to cheat you out of anything. Those off the tourist track who are absolutely amazing. Super friendly, welcoming and genuine. (In Luxor our horse cart driver got angry that his 25% tip wasn’t big enough. In El Minya, we were told not to pay for our ice-cream as we were their guests and our tip at the petrol station was declined!) Count your change…twice…always. Ask someone to check the number on your Arabic receipt; generally it’s not the amount [...]

Ancient Temples

Aug 13th, 2017|Categories: Uncategorised|

The Wadi-Halfa/Abu Simbel border is a thing of legend in a TransAfrica trip. We had been warned it would take 6-8 hours to exit Sudan and enter Egypt. This was quite daunting as it was almost 3 times as long as the nightmare of Kazangula, but it had to be done. We looked long and hard for options to avoid Egypt last year when we learnt we needed to leave 200% of our car value as a deposit with the AA in order to temporarily import our car into Egypt. Our choices were Libya, Chad [...]

Sudan – Sand for Days

Jun 26th, 2017|Categories: Uncategorised|

It doesn’t seem fair to only have one blog post for a country that was so welcoming and friendly. But the reality is there are very few tourist attractions and with our imminent deadline to get to Alexandria we only managed 6 nights here (one of which was not by our choice!). We hit Sudan at a gallop, crossing the border a day ahead of our ever changing plan. We’d been pretty terrible at wild camping through our trip, always nervous that spots weren’t isolated enough with the never-ending villages of East Africa. However, we’d [...]

Lessons learnt in Ethiopia

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Chewing khat makes you crazy! Fill up with diesel whenever you see it, it’s in short supply. Everything has chilli in it…everything…even a margerita pizza! There are not a lot of positives surrounding the Italian’s time here. However they did leave behind pizza and bread. It’s delicious and we will forever be grateful! Cellphones aren’t prevalent in all regions, guns are! Ethiopia uses standard time and Ethiopian time(day starts at 6am, ie. 2:00 is 8am). Check which one is being quoted. The road between Hagere Mariyam to Mojo is the worst in Africa. Terrible surface, [...]

Switchbacks and charades – Simien Mountains National Park

Jun 6th, 2017|Categories: Uncategorised|

We’d heard fantastic things about the Simien Mountains so we headed there next. We had a slower start than we would’ve liked leaving Mekele after James’s card got swallowed by an ATM. Despite this, we still took the more scenic route via Adigrat. The passes through the sandstone mountains were spectacular and well worth the extra drive. We did a high speed fly by round the main stelae field in Axum. The beautiful tar road helped us make good time. But this came to an abrupt end about 100km short of Debark, about the same [...]

Hotter than hell! – The Danakil Depression

Jun 4th, 2017|Categories: Uncategorised|

  With some desert time ahead in Sudan and Egypt and having seen the volcano in DRC, we had a last minute change of itinerary to skip Ert Ale(the volcano) and only see Dallol(the colourful salts) and the salt pans in Danakil. We organised with a local company to give us a guide, mainly to navigate the maze of payments, permissions, checkpoints and security required. Our shortened itinerary also meant we’d only have to spend one night sweating ourselves to sleep!     A stop at a bar on the way in, gave us our [...]