Cruise Africa 4×4 Trailer Hire aims to get you out there by making camping accessible and comfortable. Our trailers are kitted in the same uncompromising way that we have them kitted for our own adventures.

It doesn’t matter where you want to go to or for how long, our fully equipped trailers will ensure that you are ready. Sometime camping can be difficult, messy and hard work. That’s why we use only the best, well- thought-out trailer storage system and equipment, to make your trip easy and painless.

“You’ll have everything you need and a little more to extend your living space and comfort whilst camping and exploring the freedom of the outdoors.”

I grew up over landing across southern Africa with my Dad and Uncle leading the expeditions and the rest of us, Five cousins, Aunts and Uncles crammed in somewhere. My deep love for the African bush, self drive safari’s and camping grew on these family trips as my cousins and I competed to see who could catch the biggest fish or spot the first elephant of the day.

The African wilderness is so remote and our trailers aim to empower you to enjoy its beauty, and hidden or close-by camping spots, even more. I will never forget visiting places like Lake Malawi, remote Islands on the Zambezi, Exploring truly wild untouched parts of the Zambezi valley and contrasting Namibian desserts.

A staple was countless trips to our undeveloped and remote family farm in the Chiamanimani mountains which provided rustic December holidays spent camping in rain forest type conditions. I believe I had an extraordinary childhood cruising and camping all over Africa with my Dad and his FJ60 Land Cruiser, which I considered as part of the family. Cruise Africa 4×4 Trailer Hire aims to send our guest into similar unforgettable camping experiences.

Whether it is an hour out of Johannesburg or across borders.
We make camping easy.